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Do you...

- wake up feeling tired, heavy & achy?

- start your day on auto-pilot in ways that don't truly fuel you?

- have sluggish digestion, headaches, PMS or breakouts?

- know the things you "should do" but lack the motivation and daily-habits to do them?

- want to feel lighter, brighter, cleaner and clearer?

Then the Fall Reset Cleanse is for you!


The FALL RESET CLEANSE is 8-days of:

- seasonal, whole-food eating

- gentle energizing movement &

- powerful self-healing practices

Based on ancient Eastern principles for balance & longevity,

this complete mind-body-spirit reset will help you cultivate new healthy habits and

improve your immunity, energy, sleep, digestion, mood and overall health.

And most important - it's designed to be simple...easy to do...and fit right into your schedule without deprivation, dieting or expensive supplements. 

I'm Ready To Reset!

“I definitely feel more energetic and also a sense of having stress taken off my shoulders (I think from the Qi Gong). I have also noticed a feeling of not being as hungry - eating whole foods has really been satisfying.”

"I moved through my day with an energy I haven’t felt since this pandemic started. The fog lifted and I felt like an awakening! Thank you for having this cleanse! It’s really what I needed.​"

"My digestion was so much better and my sleep started to improve after a couple of days. I felt more even all round which was very different from the sugar rollercoaster I was on. My mood was good.”

"Everything just feels better all round. I love that I'm embracing the season and feeling the shift more deeply. I am sleeping much better, more deeply & for longer than I did before.”

"This cleanse has been awesome! I would be very interested in participating in one for each of the 5 seasons...I like to incorporate the foods of each season into my lifestyle."


- What to eat amazing energy, focus and health

- How start a cleanse for success

- Tips to shop for and prepare food to save time and money

- Gentle movement to boost energy, immunity, and mind-body balance

- How to use so-called "set-backs" help you become a more intuitive & healthy eater

- Simple self-care techniques inspired by Fall to look and feel fabulous


- The Fall Reset Guide with shopping list, meal plan ideas and simple, delicious recipes

- LIVE Intro Call with intention setting & a guided meditation to attune you to the energy of Fall 

- 2 Qigong/Yoga classes with a simple routine you can do throughout the Fall  (Live with recording)

- Trainings on Chinese Medicine seasonal nutrition, how to handling cravings, & more...

- Luxurious self-care rituals inspired by Fall

- Daily emails to keep you motivated and on track

- Recordings of all content in private page

- Community in private FB group to support and inspire each other 


What are the dates? 

The reset runs from Fri Oct 15- Sat Oct 23, but all content will be available until the end of October.

How does it work?

- Before we start you'll get your FALL RESET GUIDE with shopping list, meal plans, recipes, and food prep ideas that you can customize for your schedule and preferences.

- Then for 8 days you'll enjoy all the whole foods you want while clearing and awakening your mind-body-spirit with gentle movement and powerful self-healing practices.

- There will be live Qi gong/yoga and teachings with recordings for you to do at your convenience.

- Plus community support in our private FB group to keep motivated & inspired.

How much time will it take?

Everything is designed to be simple and do-able and to fit into your regular schedule.

The "food part" should not take any more time than your usual shopping, cooking and eating, and I will be sharing ways to save time and money by prepping. 

All additional material, including the intro call, two yoga/qigong classes, and lots of extra teachings will be optional and recorded so you can do at your own time.

Everything be available until the end of October if you need to go at your own pace....

What does the schedule look like?

Here is the schedule so far, which may be modified:

FRI OCT 15 ~ 7:30pm ET: Group intro call w/ guided meditation to attune you to the energy of the season

SAT OCT 16 ~ 10am ET: Qi Gong/Yoga class (45 mins) 

SAT OCT 23 ~ 10am ET: Qi Gong/Yoga class + Closing Ritual (45 mins)


What will I be eating? 

All the whole, unprocessed foods and snacks you need to keep full and fueled! 

This includes the abundance of fruits and vegetables in season, plus whole grains, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, beans, and lean proteins (if desired). 

You'll be encouraged to limit processed foods, refined flours, dairy and sugar, but will be so fueled with all the other options that you won't feel deprived. 

The guide will have recipes and meal suggestions that you can choose from, or you can create your own recipes (and you can share them in our FB group!)

Is this a detox? 

This is about eating clean, not about deprivation, heavy detoxing or extreme dieting. Our bodies are naturally designed to detoxify when given abundant high-quality nutrition and a break from processed, heavy foods. If this is a big jump for you from lots of processed, heavy food, you may feel a detoxing effect. I will address this and ways to alleviate it as we go through.

Can I drink coffee? 

This is not as much about what you're taking away as what you're adding in. If you're trying to break from coffee, this is a great time, as we will be building natural energy through our activities. If you feel ok with it, I suggest you take it with non-dairy milk and no sugar.

What about wine? 

Same as above. Chinese Medicine also sees wine as having some medicinal effects in the right amounts. Some women notice alcohol aggravates symptoms like hot flashes and PMS. If this is you, I suggest you go without to see the difference it makes. If you are having joyful, celebratory moment with others, go ahead...but I suggest no more than a glass or two during the cleanse.

What are the movement classes? 

The classes are a blend of yoga, stretching and qigong (flowing movement with breath) that work synergistically with the food cleanse to re-balance and re-invigorate your health and energy. When you feel better from the inside, you're more likely to make the healthiest choices for you that keep you feeling great.

The classes are basic and ALL levels. They will be slow-paced and easy to follow, with clear instruction and ways to modify.

What if I can't make all the classes live? 

All the content will be recorded and you will have access until the end of October. 

What if I fall off the cleanse? 

You can just pick up where you left off. Plus, I will be teaching you how so-called "setbacks" can actually teach you to eat more intuitively.

I'm not great with tech - will this be complicated? 

Not at all - you will receive a link to join the program with one click. There you will find the guide, schedule and all content. You will receive daily emails for the class replays.

Do I have to join the Facebook group? 

No, but the group can really help you stay motivated and on track. It's a place for support where we can share our goals, challenges, wins, insights and recipes tried! Change is so much easier when made with and supported by others.

Am I guaranteed to feel a difference? 

While I can't guarantee anything, if you commit to nourish your body with only the recommended whole foods AND do the powerful movements, meditations and self-healing practices, there's no way you won't FEEL LIKE A SUPERWOMAN. This reset is all about making a choices that raise your vibration and help you feel more calm, clear, energized, aligned and empowered. 


Have any questions? Ask them here:

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